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Shitty deals to see a place I grew up going to get shut down to the public.
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Posted at Kapaolono park. #SunsetHI
I always get on this blog to listen to the music and scroll through the posts. Keep this blog alive, mahalos ~


Much Mahalos! I will update the layout and music soon! :)

This is a racist blog, and it makes me sad that this is the way you people think about "haulies". It is actually ignorant and distasteful. A lot of the hurtful things could be said in better ways, though I don't know why they need to be said at all.


Uhm, what?

Are you high? How do I bash haoles? If you’re calling this blog ignorant and distasteful, you can simply not read it. But of course, the blog interests you enough to say something you know nothing about.

So before you go and tell me my blog is distasteful, you should check through the blog to know how I interpret “Haoles”.

Btw, if you’re going to argue, at least spell the terms you find offensive correctly.


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Let’s Go Surfing!
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Happy Easter. \m/
#Poke #LomiSalmon #Mussels #LanikaiBeach #Easter #420 #PauHana
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Manapua. Pork hash. Rice cake. #Onolicious
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Kona Sunset (by sameermundkur)
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Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Hawaii

Another reason I don’t ever want to leave my home


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My new favorite place to eat, they know how to feed a sistah. #ILoveCountryCafe #WindwardMall #Kaneohe #Onolicious
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