Who else is getting knarly bites from mosquitos in Maui?

So I’m on vacation visiting my family in Kahului and my friend tells me there’s been a mosquito problem since the last hurricane passing over. Didn’t think he was serious until I woke up with quartee sized bites all over me. Like damn I’ve never had this problem when I was living here. Well I just wanted to share my thoughts of the day. Hope you guys are having a awesome Thursday. Be safe while Ana is approaching…then we can make all the guy hagi jokes after. K den!


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Kauai, HI
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Honolulu ZooOoooo
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if you’re from Hawaii, you understand….
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While en route to Moloka’i, the view of Oahu is jaw dropping.

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Signs protesting the Thirty Meter Telescope groundbreaking ceremony on Mauna Kea.
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What’s your Instagram?

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That face doe. #Goodnight
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