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BURNNNN! Stolen from Chloe.
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What the PHO!
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$4 Bentos at Zippys. Yayerz. #Grindz
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These two are suspects in killing an innocent honu (sea turtle) which is sacred to Hawai’i and against the LAW! If anyone knows who these two heartless fucks are, please step up and say something! We must protect and preserve all beautiful creatures that create the beauty of Hawai’i nei. Shame on these two. I never put someone on blast on social media, but when I see someone disrespect my ‘aina, I have a problem.
Hurricane Iselle brought B52’s here.

So I stay chillin with my friend at her house and all these flying cockroaches start coming right after me. Counted 17. Anybody who know me knows I’m like a target to these fakas. Thanks to my friend for being a trooper and killing um for me. Fuck that if I’m going to kill um. Talk about 808Problemz.

Hope all yall are safe and sound. Be careful out there bumbai the B52’s come at you too.


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These memes lol
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So shame how during a serious event people still getting ripped off.
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Lol 808Problemz #GuyHagi #808Problemz #YouGonLearnToday
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waipio was hella gloomy
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Anyone in Hawai’i (specifically Oahu) in the Marching band for UH? Hit up brotha Edwin. He gots questions. Help a bro out.
His tumblr: http://educatedfish.tumblr.com/
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Sunrise at Haleakalā, Maui

so beautiful
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