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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted some problemz, but I always like going back to the ones you guys helped create.

Tell me, what is your favorite 808Problemz?

Hope every one is having a good one!


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I have a question, does haole refer to only white foreigners, or non-white foreigners too?


Non-white as well. Just back in the old hawaiian days, Haoles were used on white people because they were the only foreigners that came to the islands.

But I use the term on every ethnic background. Just for description of course, not for slandering.


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"gotta get away for a while to ease my head,everybody knows that’s the way to do it.”

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Aloha!Im moving to the big island in a month. Im aware I will be bullied for being white, but is there any tips (does or don'ts)? Im very respectful of cultures and beliefs I dont want to offend anyone with my ignorance


Well Big Island is VERY famous for the Hawaiian culture. You literally can’t escape it. The mana there is so strong in the air…the nature, the history, the active volcano…so much there to absorb. Big Island is my favorite island to visit. Here’s a few tips I can give from personal experience:


1. Don’t take ANYTHING from nature. That island has it’s own shield from mother nature itself. You give to the aina (land), but don’t take anything from it. You will get bachi (bad luck).

2. Don’t drive in unmarked areas at night by yourself. Big Island is known for back roads that lead to places not even maps have. If you don’t know where you’re going *especially at night* don’t go there. Take people who know the island with you.

3. Big Island is known for Hawaiian Myths, and the locals there are very superstitious *for good reasons*. Don’t ignore them. Especially if you see a Lady in Red walking alone at night.

4. Don’t be offended when people call you Haole. Haole now days is explaining foreigner. If used as a slur, best not argue with it. Locals over there don’t mess around.


1. Research Hawaiian history: the best way to understand the culture, where the people come from, and why they are the way they are. It will explain a lot.

2. Research Hawaiian Myths on the Big Island: Pele is the main goddess you will hear most because she is queen B there. It will explain why I mentioned “Lady in Red” above.

3. Go to the exhibits there. There’s quite a few places of nature and museums of the history there if you want a more in depth experience of the hawaiian islands. Some say it’s a spiritual revelation.

4. Feel free to look through this blog. This blog was built to help people understand our culture as well as the people.

If anyone else has helpful tips, feel free to give sistah some.

Aloha and welcome to Hawai’i!\m/

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Everybody has experienced this once in their life. Thanks braddah Tyler for the new one LOL! Tell me your worst doodoo shake experience.
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Hanauma Bay Trail. Was killahz. #Oahu #Summer
Me and the family were stuck in traffic in Portland, Oregon. There was this white guy who we let pass in front us, and he gave us a shaka.


Das how! Shaka a day keeps da angry mokes away!

You're on Oahu? :D What district you stay? I'm from Kalihi. :)


Kaimuki side.


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nualolo kai, kauai
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